Smart tips for everybody! Learn how to avoid losing your keys and whether electronic locks are better for you

Do you worry about your security? Learn more about locks and what to do when problems arise with the help of these tips

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Consider installing a home safe

If you are keeping valuable things at home like jewelries or important documents, our specialists recommend considering having a home safe installed. This would better protect your items from theft and fire. There are safes that were designed to protect items from theft or fire, and there are also safes that were made to protect stored items from both.

Change alarm codes

Home alarms have security codes. It’s best to change this code on a regular basis in order to maximize your security. It would be more difficult for intruders to hack the code if you keep on changing it. Just make sure that you don’t forget the latest code that you saved.

Replace locks before they break

All locks, no matter how secure or expensive they might have been years ago, they will wear out eventually. Don't wait until the last minute before replacing a weakened and nearly defective lock. Frequent lock change is often necessary to keep home security at its highest level. Call us for advice on repairing or replacing your door locks.

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